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The AI Startup Handbook:

Redefining innovation

Sunday | 10.09.23 | 18:30

Margalit Startup City Galil

Tel Hai Blvd. 98, Kiryat Shmona







How to use AI wisely  



NVIDIA Role in the Generative AI Landscape

Gilad Gershon.jpg

NVIDIA Role in the Generative AI Landscape

Gilad Gershon, Inception Partner Manager & Generative AI Lead, NVIDIA


Join us for an exciting meetup where visionary founders come together to explore the limitless possibilities of cutting-edge AI tools. Learn the unique position of NVIDIA in the global & local Generative AI landscapes and how these powerful tools are enabling you to create groundbreaking solutions to push the boundaries of innovation.

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How to use artificial intelligence wisely

Adv. Michal Luzzatto, Partner and Head of Copyrights,

The Luzzatto Group


Join us for a fascinating talk that will explore the world of IP and copyright in the AI era, giving you practical strategies for the wise use of AI tools. It will help to understand if and how the AI creations we produce can be protected, and second, to understand how to reduce legal exposure as much as possible.

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