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Paving the Road for Turning Food into Remedies

SOLVEAT is developing the next generation of functional foods –  enriched with active ingredients from medicinal herbs, focused on specific medical conditions. 

The first formulation developed by SOLVEAT targets lowering blood sugar levels in the pre-diabetic population.

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Coloring Beneficially

Halophilix is harnessing salt-loving microorganisms in biotechnology best practices to produce tomorrow’s natural bioactive coloring ingredients. This will benefit animal and human health and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable planet. Halophilix’s production lines are highly cost-effective and have a minimal environmental impact.

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Ultrafast Microbial Test for the Agri-Food Industry

Fast testing technology to accurately detect microbes within 45 minutes instead of days. Yarok’s technology application is for detecting dangerous microbes such as E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella, yeasts & molds before releasing products into the market.

In agriculture, it can be applied to crop protection and regenerative agriculture.

Yarok protects consumers, avoids product recalls, saves on yield loss, and offers service laboratories a new competitive advantage.

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Disrupting Micro Algae Farming

Omaiko aims to revolutionize microalgae farming using a novel farming technology. Its first target is to disrupt the spirulina market for alternative protein applications. Omaiko’s spirulina powder is versatile. Unlike regular spirulina, its flavor is mild, its color light brown, it possesses unique functional properties and costs 50% less. Omaiko’s spirulina can contribute to cleaner labels and higher quality at lower production costs.

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Quantifying Taste

Mamay is developing objective taste measurement parameters. Such taste values will objectively define the taste profiles of a person’s preferences. Mamay’s technology will allow the prediction of user's preferences by pairing the objective taste profile of any food & beverage (val®) to the user’s taste profile to achieve a better fit. The company is collaborating with companies that develop robotic kitchens as well as with two of the largest food manufacturers in Israel.

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Growing Disposable Dishware

Blue Huna is developing a unique technology that will enable growing and harvesting a line of the most natural, eco-friendly disposable dishware in a smart production process which can be set up locally. Blue Huna completed its proof of concept successfully using a new proprietary wheat cultivar, which it is already being sold to prestigious customers.

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Potent Herbal Delivery System Powered by Bees

Feeding bees with well-studied beneficial herbal formulations makes them produce honey 10X richer in beneficial compounds. This significantly increases the potency of each ingredient and creates new active beneficial compounds that contribute additional synergistic effects. Zuf products have been scientifically shown to have potent beneficial effects in supporting specific health needs, such as: immune system boost and regeneration, female health, mental support and more.


In-Field Portable Early Disease Detection Device

WITI is developing the first handheld, affordable image analysis device for early detection of disease by identification of plants’ biochemical properties in the field. It’s powered by a SaaS platform. After a successful medical cannabis POC, WITI is now conducting a grapevines POC with initial breakthrough findings. Witi enables precision chemical usage in vineyards reducing environmental impact and costs.


Reducing Fungicides Use and Increasing Crops' Nutritional Values

OrganOzone’s precision agriculture platform enhances the immune system of plants, thus creating an eco-friendly clean substitute for chemical pesticides. It reduces costs for farmers while protecting plant health and the environment. This process also enhances the nutritional qualities of crops such as berries, grapes, and tomatoes, which may turn them into superfoods.


Optimizing Fresh Produce Shelf Life

Ripe-Guard's users friendly, AI based, shelf-life prediction technology is the first to allow for the optimization of the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables across the value chain, aiming at reducing waste and reassuring freshness. Using smart algorithms, it improves the efficacy of Logistic-Chain / Supply-Chain and dramatically reduces fresh produce waste while improving fresh produce quality for consumers.

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Cutting Cost, Time, and Pain of Dental Implant Procedures

Vicigo has created the world’s first self-aligning dental prosthetic system, Vicigo’s Ballerina system replaces the standard abutment with a free rotation mechanism, allowing the implant and prosthetic to self-align with each other.

This process saves 50-80% of the time for the entire installation, Saves over 50% of the cost and reduces the process from few months to 2 visits in one week.

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Turning Crops and Energy Production into a Win-Win Situation

Agri-Light uses an array of sensors and cloud-based optimization software to control plantation micro-climates. Agri-light’s platform betters crops with partial dynamic shading, optimizing sunlight exposure and protecting plants from extreme weather conditions harnessing the full potential of sunlight for energy production. 

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Red Solar Flower

Redefining Agri-Solar Coexistence

Red Solar Flower is developing a semi-transparent, Perovskite-based solar panel, which transfers only the sunlight wavelength necessary for plant growth while utilizing all other parts of the spectrum to produce electrical power. 

Red Solar Flower panels are initially optimized for use as greenhouse covers.

Edrie Bio Hydrogen 

Clean, Highly Cost-effective Hydrogen Production

EBH developed an innovative technology that enables Hydrogen use as a new source of energy that is cost-effective, reliable, and 100% clean. It’s based on the ability of specific types of microalgae to split water and break organic materials to release Hydrogen. Its newly designed reactor enables the algae to produce large commercial amounts of Hydrogen.

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The Future of Speech Therapy

Talkon's speech therapy treatment enhancement platform gives a holistic solution for the therapy circle, therapist – parent - patient, by empowering all 3 participants. TalkOn’s SaaS platform is already serving over 120 therapists and treating over 1000 patients and has been shown to shorten treatment time by over 50% while cutting costs. The company is working on pilots with HMOs and the Israel Ministry of Education.

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Early Response Fire Safety System

A spin-off of Lehavot Ltd., ExtinguiShield is an IOT sensors-based device attached to fire extinguishers that communicates with cloud-based SaaS services that allow:

  • 24 HR readiness 

  • Early alerts in cases of irregular events

  • Fire authorities' regulations compliance

  • Insurance terms compliance

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