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JUNE 2023

We are happy to present the main events that were held during June at The International FoodTech Center in Kiryat Shmona.
We thank all our partners in Israel and worldwide.

Spotlight on the Event of the Month

The 10th FoodTech convention of Tel-Hai Academic College

We were happy to attend the convention, which focused on nutritional-security-related issues. The convention was attended by international representatives, like UAE, the Netherlands, Denmark, South America, Singapore, and more. Our growing studio companies, at the Studio.Galil program, and the JVP Fund portfolio companies, presented their latest developments. We concluded the convention with a lecture by Erel Margalit about the partnership and tremendous contribution of the parties who make up the Galilee Region ecosystem and the exciting plans ahead.


Economic Development


Lauder Center - the grand opening

We are very excited toward the establishment of the Lauder Employment Center in Kiryat Shmona, which will provide solutions to the growing needs of those companies who grow here and young families who move to the Galilee and seek the next employment opportunities.

700 לאודר סנטר.jpg


Visit of Russell Robinson, CEO of JNF-USA

As always, it is a great privilege to host the JNF, USA CEO, Mr. Russell Robinson, with the organization's VIP delegation. We were happy to present the activity and impact we generate here in the Eastern Galilee as well as our next steps.



Visit of Israel Innovation Authority's executives

Israel Innovation Authority is the primary investor in startups in Israel. As part of the development of startups in the region, senior executives from the Innovation Authority came to visit the FoodTech center to examine ways to make grants and investments more accessible to the companies who grow and develop here. Great things are yet to come.



MAMAY Company, Leader of a Digital Revolution in the Food Industry, in a Celebratory Launch - Live!

We were delighted to announce the first product of MAMAY - a growing company in the STUDIO.GALIL program, who launched a system for the digitization of taste, smell and texture on a live streaming - to the whole world. It is the first company that enables objective quantification of food flavors, scents and textures, thus taking a traditional, analog world, and turning it into a digital one. Digitization of flavors would finally enable endless applications that would re-shape the food industry.



The Galilee Development Annual Convention

Galilee Development Company Ltd., a business corporation of 29 kibbutzim in the Galilee and our partners at FoodTech, held its annual convention, where 7 companies from our STUDIO.GALIL startup program, presented their products to 140 local investors. Business collaborations already begun between some kibbutzim and companies, with an emphasis on using the kibbutzim's agricultural and industrial infrastructures.

כנס פיתוח הגליל 1.jpg
כנס פיתוח הגליל 2.jpg



Preparing the Ground for Students from Kiryat Shmona

We were happy to meet students from Kiryat Shmona who study in universities throughout Israel, and share the economic development process we lead as well as our networking with the community and educational institutions. These meetups were designed to show them the new opportunities that open up in the city, and draw them back to Kiryat Shmona.



Go Ladies!

The GALILADIES team held a day of interviews with female entrepreneurs who already passed the first stage, and are just moments away from joining the program for the development of the Galilee through the implementation of women's and girl's initiatives.

גליליידיס 6.12.jpg



Preparing for City's FoodTech Day

We were proud to prepare young students from Kiryat Shmona for the city's FoodTech Day competition, in which they presented their impressive initiatives.



City's FoodTech Day

Kiryat Shmona educational systems teach FoodTech as part of their annual curriculum. All of them have FoodTech labs or designated kitchens. We were pleased to visit the various projects and see the bright eyes of both kids and educational staffs. Well done!

יום שיא פודטק.jpg


Uziel Elementry School meets MadeRight

A first meeting took place between fifth graders from Uziel Elementry School in Kiryat Shmona and the entrepreneur Rotem Cahanovitz, from MadeRight, a growing company in the FreshStart incubator in Kiryat Shmona. The students were exposed to the unique initiative of the company- creating sustainable materials harnessing the power of fungi. Looking forward to the next meeting !

מייד רייט- עוזיאל 1.jpg



Visit of Sam Goldberg

We enjoyed hosting our dear partner, Mr. Sam Goldberg, from Denver, Colorado. During the visit, he met some of the companies that recently got financial investments and are being accompanied and guided by seasoned entrepreneurs like him and other JNF USA partners.



Russel Berrie Foundation

We were also happy to host Russel Berrie Foundation representatives who came all the way from the United States to receive a first-hand update about the amazing developments in Eastern Galilee. The foundation supports the GALILADIES' activities and accompanies the financial development of the Eastern Galilee region for many years.



Exposure Day for 8200 Commanders

An exciting and important visit of 60 commanders from the Elite Unit - 8200 - the highly rated IDF cyber and intelligence unit. As part of the visit, the commanders attended a lecture by the JVP chairman - Dr. Erel Margalit, about the opportunities awaiting them on the day after, in the Galilee, in the FoodTech and ClimTech worlds.

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