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October-November 2023

Following the horrific terrorist attack that struck Israel on the 7th of October leading to the outbreak of war, and since the evacuation of the settlements on the northern border that include Kiryat Shmona and the surrounding area, we at Margalit Startup City Galil have been working day and night to contribute to the national effort.

תמונה בניין ביחד ננצח.jpg

Updates from the Team

Nisan’s Kibbutz, which sits on the Northern border, has been evacuated, and Nisan and 14 others have been drafted to serve as part of the Kibbutz’s Emergency Task Force.


Or has been evacuated together with her family, and is leading initiatives with our various communities. In addition, she is spearheading artistic and cultural endeavors to benefit the displaced families.


Sarit has been responsible for evolving the Innovation Center into a focal point for all currently arising needs – military, Homefront and media, in addition to meeting all building tenant needs.


Idan is leading our effort to support the Studio.Galil’s startups in their efforts to regroup, re-strategize, adapt, and move forward in these turbulent times.

Recent Activity


The studio's entrepreneurs face challenges on several levels:  personal, family, and business.  

Since the second week of fighting, we have taken on several relevant roles to support their effort to move forward within the restrictions and challenges of wartime.  The initial step was to assist the entrepreneurs in planning and forward-thinking. Then, we helped evaluate alternatives for progress according to each company's specific status and build an optimal plan to move forward. Following this, we are actively searching and exposing our entrepreneurs to new grants and investment opportunities available in the current situation.


We launched a series of meetings called "Together, we cope," which focuses on personal, mental, and financial resilience. The sessions appeal to women from the north to the south and attract hundreds of participants. In addition, we work to completely change the situation in which independent women and community members are on the verge of economic collapse, and we give them tools and opportunities to grow from the crisis.

One of the prominent examples relates to Dina Kaynan, a naturopath, who felt in the first days of the fighting that she was not essential. After the meeting on economic resilience, she realized that she had a considerable role - to take care of the health resilience of the people of Israel. In an exciting and powerful meeting, she explained to us what is behind the saying "a soul needs a healthy body" and gave advice to women on the home front to maintain good health in times of war.

GALILADIES is launching:

GALILADIES ON-LINE SHOP, which will provide a platform for women whose businesses have been put on hold ever since the war broke out. GALILADIES ON-LINE SHOP will offer products and services supplied by Galilean women entrepreneurs and will target audiences from all across the world, providing the global community with the opportunity to show their support during these difficult times.


Margalit Startup City Galil's Artistic Committee creates 


We got together and thought, what can we do these days. We decided to continue to do what we are good at - to bring light and hope to residents from the north and south whose reality of life has changed. We went on the road together. We arrived at places hosting evacuees from all over the country and connected artists to the community - musicians, comic creators, actors, clowns, writers, and poets. We put smiles and laughter on the faces of children, mothers, and families. We felt full of meaning and got the energy to continue.


Sending our dear friends and partners participating at JNF-USA Global Conference warm regards and a Happy Hanukkah!

We thank you for your concern for us and our families.

Together, we will win.



To donate now to Margalit Startup City GALIL, please contact VP MSC GALIL, Nisan Zeevi, or Community Manager, Or Nadav: |

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