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2023 Highlights

Economic development

  • For the first time in history, the city of Kiryat Shmona, entered the list of the top 1,000 cities in the world building an ecosystem for startups.

  • Moving forward with the next phase- The Terminal- a FoodTech micro-industry complex which purpose is to provide infrastructure for labs as well as production facilities for companies at the scale-up stage.

  • BioBetter expands, hires 50 Galilean scientists, and Launches a brand-new Food Grade Production Facility.

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  • 6000 Visitors this year.

  • Lauder Employment Center established a new branch in our hub.

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  • Well-received presentations on economic development alongside social impact activity at 4 major JNF-USA conferences in Arizona, Chicago, New York, and Denver.  

  • The well-loved café, Lehemk’e City, opened its new branch in The International FoodTech Center in Kiryat Shmona, a move that affects urban renewal and the growth of local businesses.


  • 172 startups in the Galilee, 24 of them from Kiryat Shmona

  • 43 million dollars raised

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Studio Galil

  • More than 300 Venture Capitalists and investors from Israel and abroad were exposed to Studio.Galil startups resulted in investments of more than 3 million dollars.

  • 200 Food Technologists attended the Launch event, broadcast live worldwide, for Mamay, a startup that offers digitization of taste, odor, and texture to food and beverage companies.

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  • The Global Food Security Summit in Tel Hai Academic College, which featured 12 Studio.Galil startups, show casting to 300 investors.

Education & youth programs

 FoodTech studies are expanding in schools:  


  • 10 educational frameworks of students from Kiryat Shmona participated in a FoodTech Happening featuring the various FoodTech projects they developed throughout the year. 500 participated.

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  • Margalit Startup City initiated 10 collaborations between startup companies and consulting firms with schools from Kiryat Shmona. 

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  • 9 one-year volunteers from Ba'Kehila were placed in the different learning centers and schools.

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  • StartArt, our art, innovation, and entrepreneurship program for youth, saw the successful graduation of 50 participants after an inspiring first year.

Community Building

  • Over 30 high-quality community events took place throughout the year.

  • Over 4000 members joined our communities: Startups, Galiladies, Local Businesses, Student Club, and Art & culture lovers.    

  • GALILADIES- the first women's entrepreneurship community of the Greater Galilee and the Golan reached 1700 members. Compared to 800 women last year.