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For more than 7 years, the Margalit Startup City Community, together with the Jewish National Fund - USA, has been at the forefront of the foodtech initiative in the Eastern Galilee to create an entrepreneurial environment that attracts tech companies, entrepreneurs and investment in the Agrifood-Tech sector. Since then, we have transformed the entire region into a new center of excellence in Israel. Then we established an innovation center in the center of Kiryat Shmona, which soon became a magnet for dozens of multinational companies and enabled the creation of more than 150 startups in the Galilee, bringing with them more than 500 high-quality jobs. The center is a hub for local startups and collaborations in the Galilee and in the last 2 years of activity has hosted thousands of investors, startups, philanthropy, public sector and startups programs.

The Northern Regional AgriFood-Tech Ecosystem

The Northern Regional AgriFood-Tech Ecosystem is one of the most promising holistic regional development projects in Israel in recent years. It aims to make the region a global economic center of excellence for innovative food and smart agriculture.


What makes us unique?  Locality By focusing on local resources, expertise and knowledge, the region's unique strengths are cultivated and harnessed. The result is innovative and effective solutions that maximize the region's value and build confidence and pride in local initiative. We are a diverse group of partners that includes research and academia, communities, regional governments, investors, and the corporate sector. Bottom-up Working from the bottom up helps us identify and address issues and challenges at an early stage, saving time and resources. Voluntary Our participation, based on voluntarism, fosters self-motivation and confidence among cluster stakeholders. Voluntary contribution to collaborative efforts strengthens relationships and reciprocity in the region.

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