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Creating desired mouthfeel using single ingredient plant-based protein

Two of the major obstacles to completing the meatless protein alternatives revolution, a huge and rapidly growing market, are successfully achieving a desirable mouthfeel and doing so without any harmful additives. Savvy consumers want both great taste and the knowledge that they are eating healthfully. That’s why Planteam has developed a single ingredient soy protein concentrate and production process, enabling the development of a wide variety of meat substitutes without the use of fillers, binders or mediators, with an excellent mouthfeel.   

Harnessing 75 years of accumulated experience in management, operations, production and technologies in the plant-based industry, Planteam’s leadership are perfectly positioned to develop unique protein-based products, mimicking the meat-based product’s consistency while preserving the quality and availability of the protein. Their unique raw material is easily applied to existing production lines, significantly shortening the cost and time to market from development to production of new food products. Planteam’s current concentrated soy protein-based product line has both nutritional (quality and absorption) and financial (cost and availability) considerations and has been validated on an industrial commercial production line. 

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Transforming wheat growing into the most Eco-friendly Disposable Dishware manufacturing business.

Everyone knows that single use plastic is harmful to the environment and to us all, and yet even the degradable alternatives are not compostable. That’s why a Galillee-dwelling entrepreneur couple have launched Blue Huna a startup manufacturing truly eco-friendly, compostable disposables from crop waste. The founders, experienced in international marketing, branding and sales of a variety of consumer goods. They have identified a unique cultivar of wheat which they own the rights with a thick hollow stalk, suitable to serve as a drinking straw after applying infrared disinfection. Blue Huna is developing a unique technology that will create a simple, automatic production line, which can be set up anywhere. It has established its brand with imported straws, knows the market well and has developed a proof of concept with the new wheat cultivar. 

With Blue Huna, fully compostable disposables will not only serve as a truly natural and clean alternative to single use plastic, they will also significantly increase farmers’ financial returns on their crop, turning their garbage into gold, in line with the circular economy vision. 

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Know-how Sharing Marketplace

SIGN is a two-way IP sharing marketplace, benefitting both knowledge-havers who seek to monetize it and knowledge-seekers who require a specific technology or solution. With their unique NLP-powered SaaS platform, SIGN offers a quick, efficient and cost-effective approach to know-how acquisitions which are currently lengthy, speculative and costly. 

SIGN’s 4 step process enables seekers to easily: 1) Discover solutions using SIGN’s intent-of-know-how search engine, based on the system’s understanding of underlying problems across industries; 2) Connect securely and anonymously between IP seekers and owners via smart contracts; 3) Experiment by quickly accessing in depth information, to verify the appropriateness of the solution to specific need; 4) SIGN a deal after having proven its value. 

By minting blockchain NFTs to represent all patents, SIGN transforms IP into digital assets, allowing for secure and efficient collaboration. The ledger enables full documentation of deal history, from joint development to licensing of all types and sales. 

SIGN’s team of experienced software, crypto, patents, biz dev and customer experience professionals are going to market within the sustainability arena, given the climate crisis urgency, with a dual revenue stream business model: publishing inventions & IP and deal commissions.


In field portable AI based Biochemical Analysis

Early detection is a critical key to effective treatment and maximization of opportunity not only in the world of health but also in agriculture. Currently, despite massive harmful pesticide use, fungal disease damage to crops is immense. With no early warning signs visible to the human eye, by the time infection is visible, the damage is already unpreventable. 

Witi is developing the first mobile hyperspectral sensing device for the earliest possible identification of plants’ bio-chemical properties in the growing site, detecting not only pathogens and plant health but also ripeness for optimal harvest. Witi’s unique technology is delivered via a non-destructive, handheld, affordable vision analysis device. After a successful proof of concept in a medical cannabis farm, Witi is now applying its innovation to quality wine vineyards.    

WITI’s team of physicists, a computer scientist and software engineer are going to market with a dual revenue stream business model: B2C for cultivators and breeders with one-time device sales and reoccurring cloud processing services and B2B revenue sharing with testing labs. 


Eco-friendly Plant Protection and Enhancement

Ozone’s unique properties as a disinfect agent, and chemical catalyst render it super valuable for enhancing the nutritional qualities of crops and serving as an eco-friendly substitute to chemical pesticides. OrganO3zone, led by Dr. Meir Shlisel, a food chemist, member of the food science department and the head of laboratories at the TelHai Academic College and Ido Shlisel, chemical analytics expert.
The company is developing an ozone-based ag-tech solution coupled with an intelligent sensing platform, providing farmers with on-site Ozone precision agriculture systems for pre-and post-harvest applications. 

OrganO3zone’s PAAS for precision agriculture will provide farmers with practical solutions and applicable insights. The first use case being developed is for the wine industry. By treating grapes with Ozone, OrganO3zone’s technology will produce wine with outstanding nutritional value, making it a superfood, a well-aligned product within market trends. The second use case the company is exploring is pesticides, seeking to replace harmful chemicals with an eco-friendly, sustainable solution. 


Functional Nutrition Solutions

SOLVEAT is developing the next generation of functional foods – foods enriched with active ingredients from medicinal herbs, focused on specific medical conditions. The company develops both unique formulations and a proprietary technology for injecting the active ingredients into food without impacting its taste. SOLVEAT’s innovation is based on extensive clinical and scientific research, cutting edge technological methods, advanced scientific standards, regulatory approval and clinical validation. 

SOLVEAT’s team combines Eastern and Western doctors and scientists and leading technologists, is supported by the Israel Innovation Authority and is in scientific relationships with several leading research organizations. The first formulation developed at SOLVEAT targets lowering blood sugar levels in the pre-diabetic population. The formulation has been successfully tested by volunteers and validated in a pharmacological model mimicking insulin’s mode of action.

SOLVEAT was established by entrepreneurs within the accelerator founded by Erel Margalit in Kiryat Shmona and has been supported by the Migal Institute and Dead Sea labs  (Ben Gurion University).

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Extending Shelf-Life of Fresh Produce

Immense proportions of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers end up going to waste instead of consumption due to rotting processes taking place during transportation and storage, long before they arrive at stores. The financial damage to the farmers and growers is detrimental. The international transfer in cold storage market is an 800 Billion dollar market, suffering over 100 Billion dollars of losses due to damages during storage. 

That’s why Attis, a company founded by Upper Galilee entrepreneurs, has developed a system extending the shelf life of cold storage fruit, vegetables and flowers. Attis’ proprietary innovation is based on unique chemistry, harnessing the power of natural minerals enabling the gradual, slow release of eco-friendly volatile substances which boast plant protective properties, including essential oils.  

Attis is supported in its research by the post-harvest department of the Migal Institute. 


Self-aligning Dental Prosthetic System

Anyone who has had to undergo a dental implant procedure knows how unlikely it is that the process will go smoothly. Very often further adjustments has to be made, resulting in unnecessary painful sessions for the patient, and unprofitable time-consuming repeated visits for the dentist until alignment is achieved. 

The global implant market is valued at 4.8B USD at an annual growth rate of 7.9%, with 7M implants installed annually in the US and Europe alone, from which a full 50% requires manual adjustments when installing either single crowns or multiple implant bridges.

 That’s why Vicigo has created the world’s first self-aligning dental prosthetic system, as brilliant as it is simple: Vicigo’s self-align system replaces the standard abutment with a free rotation mechanism, allowing the implant and prosthetic to self-align with each other. 

Once alignment is achieved at the tightening of a screw – the system is locked into permanent, precise location. This process saves 50-80% of the time for the entire installation, reducing the process from months to 2 visits in one week.


Turning Apple Waste into high value natural food ingredients

Apple + mission is to create an innovative & sustainable new and disruptive stabilizing system, Clean labeled to use, closing industry gaps in natural compounds replacing “must use" stabilizers in the market (CMc, Methyl cellulose family, ….). Furthermore, Apples Plus significantly reducing Apple waste all over the world while allowing the growers to earn respectfully. 

Four pillars to Apple + venture:

Healthy - Apples are rich with soluble and insoluble fibers.

Cheaper solution -  Lower cost production than other stabilizers. 

Functional stabilizer - Supply novel, clean & natural resources production solutions to manufacturers.

Reducing world apple waste - Become a leading supplier and knowledge base to the fourth most grown fruit in the world with up to 25% waste.


Clean Natural Feed, Food Pigments and Antioxidants by Microbial Farming

As consumers and regulators push producers towards adopting a sustainable supply chain and abandoning the use of synthetic chemicals, the quality, scale and cost of natural substitutes are still not up to the industry standards. Halophilix’s microbiological farm is producing natural ingredients for the feed, food, cosmetics, pharma and cleantech industries in a clean and cost-effective way. Halophilix patentable technology produces strong antioxidants, natural colorants, retinoids and other bioactive materials which are beneficial for animal and human health. Halophilix’s technology is natural, eco-friendly, requires low energy consumption, and does not produce any waste or pollutants. Halophilix’s biomaterials are produced by Halophilic microorganisms in extreme conditions and therefore are stable and highly active. 

Halophilix was founded by Dr. Peter Gurevich, who has been researching Halophilic microorganisms and their value for over 30 years and Ido Kanyon, who is an experienced business executive in the life-science industry. Peter and Ido partnered in Halophilix to harness nature's ancient life form, Halophilic microorganisms, using today’s biotechnology best practices to produce tomorrow’s bioactive ingredients for the benefits of animal and human health as well as a cleaner, more sustainable planet.


Fast On-Site Microbial Diagnosis

Breakthrough high-resolution imaging technologies, AI, Deep Learning, and Big Data enable us to decode findings in certain samples with incredible speed. High-level photography in conjunction with AI allows identifying behavior patterns of microorganisms, the presence or absence of materials in given .samples, and the ability to learn for future testing.

Food Tech

Identify bacterias in food at high speed, prevent disease or medical conditions and alert in real time about any problem in the food sample. Decoding samples is just a matter of minutes

Edrie Bio Hydrogen 

On Location Hydrogen from Micro Algae

Hydrogen is a clean fuel that, when consumed in a fuel cell, produces only water, electricity, and heat. Hydrogen and fuel cells can play an important role in our national energy strategy, with the potential for use in a broad range of applications, across virtually all sectors—transportation, commercial, industrial, residential, and portable. Hydrogen and fuel cells can provide energy for use in diverse applications, including distributed or combined-heat-and-power; backup power; systems for storing and enabling renewable energy; portable power; auxiliary power for trucks, aircraft, rail, and ships; specialty vehicles such as forklifts; and passenger and freight vehicles including cars, trucks, and buses. 

EBH have developed an innovative technology which opens up the possibility to use Hydrogen as a new source of energy that is cost effective, reliable and 100% clean. It's based on the ability of specific types of micro algae to split water and break organic materials to release Hydrogen. We have enhanced this ability combined with a new type of reactor that enables the algae to produce massive amount of Hydrogen.